Unity Prerequisites

Please follow the instructions for downloading Unity using this link and make sure to select the Free version. Unity is a BIG application and can take up to 45 / 60 mins to install depending on your computer.
After installing please launch the platform as you will need to create an account and answer their short survey. After that please launch a new project.
You are then complete.
A relatively modern PC – preferably with windows 10 or at least vista.
An external mouse is required. A track pad is not sufficient.
As this is a large download we cannot download on the day of the class. Please insure it is pre installed. If you have questions after attempting the installation let us know at least the day before the first class.

Beginners Scratch Prerequisites

1. You need to download and install the Scratch 2.0 editor from https://scratch.mit.edu/download#installation

2. Once installed you need to open it to confirm it is fully installed as Adobe Air is a requirement. However, if AIR is not installed (on Windows anyway) it will automatically try to install.

3. You should ensure that you open the Laptop on Saturday morning and ensure any automatic updates are run before the session or that they are switched off. A lot of PCs do daily checks and updates and if the CoderDojo session is the first time the laptop is turned on it tries to update anything from the Anti-virus to a full windows update over the wifi – this will be problematic.

3. Please ensure that Google Chrome browser is installed and working.

4. Check whether sound is enabled and working on the laptops as we will be using sound within the sessions.

5. All attendees are required to bring their own laptops (no iPads or Tablets). Mac or PC laptops are fine. All laptops should be fully charged and include power cables.

6. Younger attendees may prefer an external mouse so please bring one if you need it.

Sketch-Up Prerequisites

Download and install Sketchup Make from: http://www.sketchup.com/download

You will also need a Mouse with a wheel








More detailed instructions here and here


– In ‘Step 1’, You will be asked to indicate why you wish to use Sketchup, choose
‘Educational Use’.

– In ‘Step 2’, You will be asked to provide your:
– Email Address
– Profession/Interest, enter ‘Student’
– First and Last name
– School Name, enter ‘CoderDojo Greystones’
– Your Operating System: ‘Windows’ if you have a PC laptop, ‘Mac’ if you have an
Apple laptop.

– In ‘Step 3’:
– Select ‘Sketchup Make’ from ‘Choose Your Product’
– Click ‘I agree to SketchUp Make’s License’
– Un-click ‘Send me SketchUp News and Tips’
– Click the ‘Download’ button.
– Once the download has completed, follow the instructions at the link below to install Sketchup on the laptop.




Junior Coderdojo Update

Week 2

This is a revision exercise covering what your kids did on Saturday (Week 2)  in Junior CoderDojo. This is not homework and does not have to be completed by your child unless they feel want to practice it.


** Also could parents check if ‘Paint’ (for Windows) or ‘Paintbrush’ (for Macbooks) is on laptop as we’ll be using it on Saturday. **

———— ————- ————- ————- ————- ————- ————- ——–

Week 1

This is a revision exercise covering what your kids did on Saturday (Week 1)  in Junior CoderDojo. This is not homework and does not have to be completed by your child unless they feel want to practice it.



HTML Updates – Term 1

Week 4
I hope you have enjoyed CoderDojo HTML course and that you learnt few new tricks. Thank you for your hard work! Also thanks to Coder Dojo, admins, mentors and all other involved who made this possible.
Few useful stuff from last class and overall:
Happy coding and website publishing!
Week 3
Here’s few useful stuff for to look at to improve our HTML skills:
  • Register for free thimble account, next time we will work there and see how you can publish your pages: https://thimble.mozilla.org
  • Watch the tutorial youtube video I did which summarizes content of our 3 HTML classes, (you can freely skip or pause to work at your pace): http://bit.ly/2d0W5Cr
  • make sure you turn on wifi for the next class
In final week we will explore Thimble, do more styling and site interactions, and most important, learn to publish work online.
Other Extras:
  • When you register with Thimble, if you wish, you can “remix” project which I did during the tutorial video: https://mzl.la/2dXGHbl
  • Thimble is preferable for next class, but you can also download the code from our last class here: http://bit.ly/2e1MkB8\
Happy HTML-ing!
Week 2
Thank you for taking part in another great HTML class!Some useful tips and materials:
  • HTML Week 2 Slides: http://bit.ly/2drsP5c
  • Whole project folder (if you didn’t manage to do it all or want to check if all is fine with your project) – http://bit.ly/2dnOU5C
  • It would help greatly if you in Brackets open exactly the folder where you work in: File > Open Folder and the locating and selecting that folder. There was cases of confusion caused by usage of multiple folders
  • please make sure to be equipped with a Mouse – it’s difficult to point stuff without it
Coming up next – making multiple pages, linking them together, learning more useful HTML tags and CSS stylesheets!
Week 1
Coming up next – images, videos, coloring pages and more, so hope to see you soon!

Junior Coderdojo PreRequisites

Junior Coderdojo – Prerequisites

For Junior CoderDojo course parents will need to download the following to their child/children’s laptop:

  • Scratch2 at http://scratch.mit.edu/scratch2download/. You will be presented with 3 options, you need only download options 1 (Adobe Air) and 2 (Scratch Offline Editor). if you are presented with a New File Security Window click ‘RUN’ and follow prompts.  These downloads requires disc space of approx 50MB.
  • Komodo Edit 8.5.4 at http://komodoide.com/download/#edit, Download Komodo Edit (not Komodo IDE 21 day trial), it may take a few mins to download, if you are presented with a New File Security Window click ‘RUN’ and follow prompts using the set up Wizard.  This requires disc space of 250MB.

App Inventor Class PreRequisites

1) A Google account that also acts as a Gmail account for your child and they must be in possession of the login details.  As there is a minimum age for Gmail accounts according to Googles Terms and Conditions, parents are responsible for organising such account.

=> https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/1350409?hl=en

=> https://wallet.google.com/legaldocument?family=0.buyertos&gl=IE

(2) An App Inventor account: There is no action required here as the Google Account will enable access since MIT App Inventor was originally developed by Google.

(3) An Android phone (or tablet): This is recommended to test the application and for the overall App Inventor experience. If you are providing a phone you will need to download and install the following Application onto the phone or tablet from the Play Store. Search for “MIT AI2 Companion”. It is free. Again due to the fact you need to be 13 to sign up to use Google Play, parents are responsible for organising and use of such account.

(4) A Laptop (Wi-Fi enabled) with A Browser: Google Chrome or Firefox is a must. All laptops should be fully charged and include power cables.

The environment being used during the class is Cloud based meaning there is no software to install on a laptop. It uses the Google App Engine, hence why you need a Google account (Gmail). Unfortunately, App Inventor apps only run on Android devices and will NOT work with iPads or iPhones.

HTML Class PreRequisites

Please read the instructions and rules for the HTML course  – please make sure you have all the necessary software downloaded and installed on your Childs laptop.

All attendees to bring their own laptops (no iPads or Tablets), Mac or PC laptops are fine. Operating systems can be Windows 7/8, XP, Linux/Ubuntu or MacOS

All laptops should have downloaded and installed the free software editing tool BracketsIO at http://brackets.io/

All laptops should have downloaded and installed a copy of the Chrome Browser from https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/

All laptops should be fully charged before arriving at the venue to prevent delays and overloading the network. Please bring power lead with you in case its required.

All laptops should have as many as possible system updates done before arriving at the venue to prevent delays and overloading the network.

Younger attendees may prefer external mouse so please bring one if you need it.


Can you help? We need lead mentors.

As you know, Coderdojo is 100% voluntary. We only survive thanks to a small committee, the parents who volunteer at our various classes, those who help with admin duties like ticketing, Garda vetting and class scheduling, those who help prepare the rooms and those serving teas and coffees.However, the classes can’t happen without lead mentors; those brave souls who stand week after week at the top of the class teaching all the kids.

So, we are now looking for lead mentors for our courses which are 4 weeks in duration and are scheduled between September 2016 and March 2017.  Lead mentors can volunteer for as little as one course.

Outlined below is a list of courses we are looking to run and we need lead mentors for all of them. If we do not have mentors, we can’t run them.

Still with us… read on!

  • Maybe you have always fancied taking on a new challenge?.
  • Maybe you are a past Coderdojo pupil and keen to get involved. It can be great work experience.
  • Maybe you are a parent keen to get more involved?
  • Maybe you are a parent with IT skills and can help us by delivering a completely new course?
  • Maybe you aren’t sure yet and would prefer to chat to us first?

For those parents with NO programming experience
You don’t need computer programming experience. We have some courses where the curricula is all ready to go and you only need to be able to deliver the class. A lot of the past mentors started this way. We will have someone as a backup to help you. You won’t be on your own.

For those with a little or even lots of programming experience
Whether leading a course from the list below or whether you would be interested in planning and delivering a completely new course, either way, we would love to hear from you.

Hey, I’m interested, So what next?
Great….If you are interested, please email your name and contact details, including which course(s) you are interested in (pop in the numbers from 1 thru 25) and we will contact you to discuss further. There is no obligation at this point. It’s worth a chat. Our email address is coderdojogreystones@gmail.com

Course list:

  1. Junior Coderdojo – Level 1 and Level 2
  2. Build a Computer Game with Scratch – Level 1 and Level 2
  3. Build 3D Models with Sketchup – Level 1
  4. Advance 3D Modelling with Sketchup – Level 2
  5. MIT App Inventor – building Mobile Apps
  6. Build a website with HTML
  7. Blender
  8. Introduction to Java Script
  9. GIS/Digital Mapping
  10. Processing Part 1 and part II
  11. White Hat Hacking
  12. Introduction to SQL & Database
  13. Analysing Data/Processing things from Data
  14. Pure Data
  15. Build a Website with WordPress
  16. Build a Website – HTML/CSS
  17. Django Blog
  18. Processing
  19. Build Advance Computer Games with Python Level 1 and Level 2
  20. Unity (Platform for gaming)
  21. Hour of Code X 4
  22. Robotics
  23. Raspberry PI & Arduino – board set up and programming
  24. Node.js on IBM Bluemix
  25. Introduction to Python/Pygame

We will put a call out mid summer for class volunteers to help with classes and to assist our lead mentors. Right now we are just looking for those willing to lead the classes.

Thanks again,
Greystones Coderdojo