Scratch Project Group


Starting November 9th

Well done to all of the advanced Scratch group who finished four weeks of Scratch 2.0 before the mid-term break. We covered many basic areas again as a review and saw some of the cool new features of Scratch 2.0 while building an other interactive game. This exercise provides the group with many of the tools they will need heading into a project group environment.

We surveyed the kids in this group almost every week and the overwhelming consensus was to build more games. Click HERE (click link, then click the green flag) to see what the group had to say as only Scratch can demonstrate, credit to Andrew for this one!

The project group is a forum that will allow the kids to work together on coding projects using the techniques they have picked up already. Many within the group are already soaring ahead of any material we have prepared and tend to bring adjacent participants with them so this new environment should suit very well.

There is no lottery for places on the project group and all graduating the advanced Scratch group will be invited to continue. You will be sent Eventbrite tickets which we would ask you to use so that we can prepare/predict numbers.

For your information, the group will use the very secure environment provided by MIT on the Scratch Servers to share project material with each other. All participants should have WiFi enabled laptops with an internet browser (eg. Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer) to access material.

See you all on the 9th!