App Inventor Class PreRequisites

1) A Google account that also acts as a Gmail account for your child and they must be in possession of the login details.  As there is a minimum age for Gmail accounts according to Googles Terms and Conditions, parents are responsible for organising such account.



(2) An App Inventor account: There is no action required here as the Google Account will enable access since MIT App Inventor was originally developed by Google.

(3) An Android phone (or tablet): This is recommended to test the application and for the overall App Inventor experience. If you are providing a phone you will need to download and install the following Application onto the phone or tablet from the Play Store. Search for “MIT AI2 Companion”. It is free. Again due to the fact you need to be 13 to sign up to use Google Play, parents are responsible for organising and use of such account.

(4) A Laptop (Wi-Fi enabled) with A Browser: Google Chrome or Firefox is a must. All laptops should be fully charged and include power cables.

The environment being used during the class is Cloud based meaning there is no software to install on a laptop. It uses the Google App Engine, hence why you need a Google account (Gmail). Unfortunately, App Inventor apps only run on Android devices and will NOT work with iPads or iPhones.