HTML Updates – Term 1

Week 4
I hope you have enjoyed CoderDojo HTML course and that you learnt few new tricks. Thank you for your hard work! Also thanks to Coder Dojo, admins, mentors and all other involved who made this possible.
Few useful stuff from last class and overall:
Happy coding and website publishing!
Week 3
Here’s few useful stuff for to look at to improve our HTML skills:
  • Register for free thimble account, next time we will work there and see how you can publish your pages:
  • Watch the tutorial youtube video I did which summarizes content of our 3 HTML classes, (you can freely skip or pause to work at your pace):
  • make sure you turn on wifi for the next class
In final week we will explore Thimble, do more styling and site interactions, and most important, learn to publish work online.
Other Extras:
  • When you register with Thimble, if you wish, you can “remix” project which I did during the tutorial video:
  • Thimble is preferable for next class, but you can also download the code from our last class here:\
Happy HTML-ing!
Week 2
Thank you for taking part in another great HTML class!Some useful tips and materials:
  • HTML Week 2 Slides:
  • Whole project folder (if you didn’t manage to do it all or want to check if all is fine with your project) –
  • It would help greatly if you in Brackets open exactly the folder where you work in: File > Open Folder and the locating and selecting that folder. There was cases of confusion caused by usage of multiple folders
  • please make sure to be equipped with a Mouse – it’s difficult to point stuff without it
Coming up next – making multiple pages, linking them together, learning more useful HTML tags and CSS stylesheets!
Week 1
Coming up next – images, videos, coloring pages and more, so hope to see you soon!