Sketch-Up Prerequisites

Download and install Sketchup Make from:

You will also need a Mouse with a wheel








More detailed instructions here and here


– In ‘Step 1’, You will be asked to indicate why you wish to use Sketchup, choose
‘Educational Use’.

– In ‘Step 2’, You will be asked to provide your:
– Email Address
– Profession/Interest, enter ‘Student’
– First and Last name
– School Name, enter ‘CoderDojo Greystones’
– Your Operating System: ‘Windows’ if you have a PC laptop, ‘Mac’ if you have an
Apple laptop.

– In ‘Step 3’:
– Select ‘Sketchup Make’ from ‘Choose Your Product’
– Click ‘I agree to SketchUp Make’s License’
– Un-click ‘Send me SketchUp News and Tips’
– Click the ‘Download’ button.
– Once the download has completed, follow the instructions at the link below to install Sketchup on the laptop.